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Dionaea Muscipula, Venus Flytrap, 15 Seeds

Dionaea Muscipula, Venus Flytrap, 15 Seeds

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15 Seeds Dionaea Muscipula, Venus Flytrap

Seed collection of 2023. Seeds collected from the very plant shown.

Name: Dionaea Muscipula
Plant type: Perennial
Height: 5”
Spread: 8”
Habit: Herb
Foliage color: Green, Red
Flower color: White
Bloomtime: Spring to Summer

Plant needs:
Hardiness zone (USDA zone): 4-9
Soil: peat (pH 3-5): perlite / quartz sand (2: 1). The use of a neutral or alkaline substrate will lead to the death of the plant.
Light requirements: Full sun
Watering: The plants' pots should be always sitting in water when they are growing. Rain, distilled, reverse osmosis. Watering with tap water will kill the plant.
Dormant period: Needs a rest period of 3 months at a temperature of 32-50 F.

Sowing seeds of Dionaea Muscipula:
1. Seed stratification. The seeds of Sarracenia need cold stratification. For this purpose the substrate should be prepared and the sowing is carried out as shown in pp 2, 3 below. A hermetically sealed container with seeds has to be placed in a cool place at a temperature up to 45 F (for example, in a refrigerator) for 1-2 months. After the stratification period ends, see p. 4.

2. Substrate - Sour peat : perlite (1:1) or Sour peat : quartz (1:1), crushed moss. Place the substrate in a sowing container, moisten with distilled water. The container must be hermetically sealed and have a transparent lid.

3. Sowing. Seeds must be sown on the soil surface, without deepening (!).

4. Care. The container should be placed in a bright, not sunny place. Germinating of seeds under a (grow) lamp gives the best results. Adjust the distance between the lamp and the container to ensure the seedbed does not overheat. Indoor temperature should be at least 70-80 F. Seed germination occurs within 2-4 weeks.

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