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Drosera Intermedia, Sundew, 20+ Seeds

Drosera Intermedia, Sundew, 20+ Seeds

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Drosera Intermedia, Sundew, 20+ Seeds

Seed collection of 2022.

Attention: Please note that the seeds are extremely small - like a dust. Please be very careful while unpacking and handling them.

Name: Drosera Intermedia
Plant type: Perennial
Height: 2-3 in
Spread: 1-3 in
Habit: Herb
Foliage color: Green, Red
Flower color: White
Bloomtime: June to August

Plant needs:
Hardiness zone (USDA zone): 3-9
Soil: peat (pH 3-5): perlite / quartz sand (2:1). The use of a neutral or alkaline substrate will kill the plant.
Light requirements: Full sun
Watering: The plants' pots should be always sitting in water when they are growing
Rain, distilled, reverse osmosis. Watering with tap water will kill the plant.
Dormant period: Needs a rest period of 3 months at a temperature of 32-50 F. In this period all the plant's leaves die off and it forms a dormant winter bud.

Sowing seeds of Wintering Sundew:
1. Seed stratification.
The seeds of Wintering Sundews need cold stratification. For this purpose the substrate should be prepared and the sowing is carried out as shown in pp 2, 3 below. A hermetically sealed container with seeds has to be placed in a cool place at a temperature of 32-41 F (for example, in a refrigerator) for 6-8 weeks. After the stratification period ends, see p. 4.
2. Substrate and container / greenhouse.
Substrate - Sour peat : perlite (1:1) or Sour peat : quartz (1:1). Please note: the mix should not contain additives (mineralization, vitamins, etc.); peat pH should be between 3 and 4,5, with neutral and sterile perlite (you can prepare substrate yourself from quality ingredients, buy it from my shop ( or buy Carnivorous Plants Mix from commercial suppliers).
Place the substrate in a sowing container, moisten with distilled water. The container must be hermetically sealed and have a transparent lid.
3. Sowing.
Be careful when sowing: the seeds are very small and can fly off at the slightest breath of air. Seeds must be sown on the soil surface, without deepening (!).
4. Care.
The container should be placed in a bright, not sunny place. Germinating of seeds under a (grow) lamp gives the best results. Adjust the distance between the lamp and the container to ensure the seedbed does not overheat. Indoor temperature should be at least 72 F. Seed germination occurs within 2-4 weeks.

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